IP Telephony

We offer Voip phone service at an extremely competitive price. Increase your call capacity and save money at the same time. We won’t nickel and dime you for extra features or multiple extensions either. We have e-fax services to help you get rid of that one extra phone line you always had to have just for that cranky old fax machine. Send and receive your faxes through your e-mail from anywhere, and always have a copy of what you sent or received.

Virtual PBX Systems

To go with our Voip services, we offer a hosted virtual PBX solution to manage your calls with all the features you should need. Auto-attendant, IVR, Day/Night hours, Follow-Me, Voicemail with e-mail notification and more. Tired of paying for expensive refurbished handsets for your old on-site PBX? Our virtual PBX solution will let you upgrade for hundreds or even thousands less, while making more room in your communications closet and reducing wiring requirements in your office. You will never worry about finding handsets for additions or replacements, because Voip telephones from almost all manufacturers will work with our systems, and will continue to do so far into the future. Multiple buildings or offices? Link them all with one PBX system and save monthly by not having to pay for individual lines per location just to cover incoming calls.

Technology Support

We offer support for computers, software and networking. If you are local to our area, we can offer on-site help and if not, we can offer remote support and advice. We can source an Internet provider for you, and help put together or revamp your office systems with an eye on cost reduction.


Help your customers get in touch with you.

Connect with your customers! We can help direct business calls where they need to go so you don’t miss them. With our virtual PBX service, you can design a call flow to suite your needs.

Video Surveillance

We also offer low cost IP camera systems. Ask us about our Grandstream IP Surveillance products. Many of these cameras support Voip Phone integration, allowing you to call a camera direct from your video phone, see what’s going on, and even talk with the person in view.